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Krauss & Coll. Geoconsult

We develop practical solutions for you, our clients and purchasers. We seek effective solutions for you. We gladly offer you our geotechnical services. The investigation of the subsoil takes place with our own drilling equipment and staff.

We gladly offer you our services also as combined packages with a soil investigation and a parallel investigation of contaminated sites. The development of a quick evaluation of a property before an investment is also possible in a timely manner. We always strive for a close and trusting cooperation with our clients, which in the contaminated sites assessment sector is often particularly important.

Our investigation results are described and represented in a comprehensible report with corresponding informative attachments. You always receive information in advance for internal agreement before the definitive report version. The development of an expert opinion takes place according to country-specific guidelines, technical regulations as well as legal specifications.

After the submission of the expert opinion, the projects can be monitored and approved upon consultation with you until the start of the construction works. In case of restorations of contaminated sites, we can take on expert monitoring or coordination of the restoration works for the soil, water or soil air sectors.