Asbestos detection and disposal

Many experts considered the subject of asbestos to be almost over.

In practice however, the findings on the historical application spectrum of asbestos-containing building materials are constantly increasing, as is the number of buildings affected, regardless of whether they are residential, school or industrial facilities.

Plaster in homes and schools often contains asbestos, and asbestos applications were often used even where they were not necessary.

In order to realise a cost-effective and admissible implementation of deconstruction, conversion or refurbishment projects, we offer:

  • Well-founded contaminant investigations of buildings

  • Accurate mass readings

  • Asbestos Remediation Planning

  • Accompaniment and monitoring of the remediation measures

  • Implementation of complex asbestos clean-ups in existing buildings and during demolition

  • Coordination with supervisory authorities

  • Coordination of remediation measures

  • Free measurement of redevelopment areas