Restoration of contaminated sites & land recycling

According to the current jurisdiction, the users and tenants of properties as well as property owners are themselves confronted with the complex issues of site contamination and liability. If a contaminated site which represents a hazard for human health or for the protected assets of soil and groundwater, a coordinated approach is then required.
The object of a restoration is to restore impurities in the soil or ground water so that long-term hazards, significant disadvantages or disturbances are no longer caused.
Our team has a breadth of experience in the restoration of contaminated sites. This is also the case for complex damage cases.

We can offer you the following services:

  • Preparation of the restoration
    Development of restoration concepts on the basis of the investigation results; creation of restoration plans according to art. 13 of the Federal Soil Protection Law (BBodSchG); implementation of restoration investigations as required; implementation of preliminary tests (e.g. pumping tests) for the ascertainment of the effectiveness of the provided restoration alternatives.
  • Project management
    Coordination between the client, authorities and all businesses involved; acquisition of all the necessary official authorisations for implementation of the restoration; execution of tendering, testing of the tenders.
  • Restoration monitoring
    Specialist and analytical supervision of restoration measures; facility monitoring; comprehensive documentation of all restoration-relevant information; development of optimisation suggestions for the increase of restoration efficiency.
  • Occupational safety and health protection
    Development of work and safety protection plans according to section 8.3 of the Trade Association Regulation (BGR) 128; development of safety and heath protection plans according to the Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV); technical monitoring of the ambient air during restoration measures for the protection of appointed staff.
  • Aftercare / Monitoring
    Monitoring of the loading situation following restoration measures for the control of the restoration success.
  • Laboratory testing
    The lab analyses of the obtained soil, soil air and groundwater samples are carried out by an accredited laboratory.
  • Expert opinion preparation
    Development of expert opinions on the conducted investigations including risk assessment (historical research, initial investigation, detailed investigation); preparation of restoration planning, creation of restoration plans according to art. 13 of the Federal Soil Protection Law (BBodSchG).