Determination of contaminated sites

The comprehensive determination and assessment of suspected contaminated sites and known damage cases represents an essential working field of our company, whereby all the determination steps starting from historical research to geotechnical investigation and risk analysis are dealt with in-house.

The handling of contaminated sites and environmental damage involves the following individual steps in bullet point form:

  • Historical investigation without collection of samples
    Historical research for the ascertainment of the usage history with assessment of archive material and questioning of witnesses; site inspections; evaluation of multi-temporal aerial photographs; clarification of the military ordnance situation through national bomb disposal services.
  • Geotechnical investigation
    Sinking of small-scale hammer driving and high-calibre drill holes according to the investigation programme planned and agreed with the client and additional competent authorities; expansion of drill holes to soil air metering points and groundwater measuring points; extraction of individual soil samples and their organoleptic identification and classification; sampling of soil air, groundwater; exact measuring of the location and depth of the exposure points.
  • Labory testing
    The lab analyses of the obtained soil, soil air and groundwater samples are carried out by an accredited laboratory.
  • Expert opinion preparation
    Development of expert opinions on the conducted investigations including risk assessment (historical research, initial investigation, detailed investigation); preparation of restoration planning, creation of restoration plans according to art. 13 of the Federal Soil Protection Law (BBodSchG).